Terms of Service

When using Milrato you automatically agree on the following terms.

Violating anything of these, might resolve to a ban of it's service(s).


Thanks for visiting mivator.com. Please make sure to read and follow all of my Rules and restrictions that is provided by me.

The following Terms of Service aka Use, determin and state what you are allowed to do and what not.

Disclaimer: Modification and Updates

Both the Terms of Service as well as the Privacy Policy, may change at any time.

There will be an announcement in the Support Server.

We expect you to mind the new Rules as soon as they get changed.

Bot's Privacy Policy

In the following paragraphs it is stated, what all Data the Bot is using and saving.

What Data does Milrato collect specifically?

For Database purposes it needs to store IDS of Guilds, Users and Channels. Further more it also stores Informationdata provided by the discord Api, for presences, statuses, appearances, channel and member lists, etc. due to caching technologies. When making settings adjustments, those are stored too. Same applies on providing custom text for custom settings.

In the extend I am also saving statistics, for when someone uses a Command from me, for the history Command. However that's limited to the latest 150 Elements

Where or how is this Data stored?

Discord related Data are stored on a dragonfly cache instance on the same machine as the Milrato Bot near the DC Hosting Company Location of Discord. Milrato is not affiliated with Discord, meaningwhich if you want to remove every single cached data about you, you need to contact the Support Server.

Data which are settings, or permament, like favorite songs, user settings, command settings, are stored in a relational Database. Which get's deleted if the User / Server get's unavailable from the Bot, by kicking / banning it from there.

What are your Limitations?

Every Setup, like Ticket System, Join to create system, is limited to 1000 dedicated different Systems. This means you may not create any more, however you shouldn't even be able to do so.

For playing youtube Links / Songs / Videos / Streams / Playlists, or doing Youtube searches, you are only able to do this 200 Times every single Day. However, before beeing able to use the Youtube.com Plattform, the Server Owner must accept the Terms of Service-Rules provided by Youtube Google INC. Only then you are able to use Youtube.

Youtube related limitations, do not affect Youtube-Music, as that's dedicionally different.

Ever User is allowed to execute up to 3 Commands every single 2.5 Seconds, if you try to use more then that, then you are getting ratelimited. Same applies for Cooldowns of specific Commands, like every Setting Command.

In the extend, the current song info nowplaying card button interactions, are also limited.

How is the Music system Managed?

Everything is played via SOUNDCLOUD (API), DEEZER (API), BANDCAMP (API), or SPOTIFY (API). Every other Audiosource, is beeing used as a search engine, and then reverse-search on a different audio-playback engine, most likely DEEZER and SPOTIFY as well as SOUNDCLOUD.